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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by CostlyRacer on Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:44 am

General Posting Rules

You should feel free to discuss most things in these forums. Of course we are focused mainly on Xbox 360 chat, but there is the other console forums and the General Chat forum too. You are able to post about most things, subject to general common sense, netiquette, the law, and the following rules.

Illegal Subjects

Subjects include, but are not limited to: Warez/pirating (this includes mod chips and bypassing security), hacking, drugs, pornography, and provoking racism. If you make posts regarding anything illegal you might receive a warning, but will otherwise be banned from the forums.

Post in the Right Forum

Before you hit "Submit New Thread" or "Submit Reply" check your are posting in the right forum. We currently have most topics covered, and if your posts doesn't fit one of the specific forums, then it most likely belongs in General Chat. If you need your post moved, then hit the Exclamation Mark type icon (Report this Post to a Moderator) and your post will be moved.


Respect every member of the forums as you would a friend or family member. Abusing another member, vulgar language and any other behavior considered disrespectful will be looked over by the mods and dealt with appropriately.

We encourage all console users to visit the forums and make posts, and indeed hope that some healthy debate ensues - however there is a line between friendly debate and abuse - please stay on the right side of it.


As the site grows, so will the number of posts, the forum archives, and the number of topics we have covered. If you think your topic might have been covered already, please search for it first.

Post Content

Definition: To post irrelevant or inappropriate messages to a forum.

If you Spam the forums, you will eventually be banned. Simple as that. Posts made for the sole purpose of increasing your post count, meaningless posts, affiliate programs, promoting your own website, and advertising are considered SPAM. You are free to advertise your clan in your signature.


Please keep this to an absolute minimum.


Instead of using the image tags to include pictures in your posts, you are encouraged to use the "Host image" function. This will allow you to upload the pictures to the forum server; Please resize your images we dont want huge pictures distorting the forums.


Feel free to post your tutorials but keep in mind to keep them clean, quick informative descriptions with images, make sure that it is laid out so everyone can understand and follow as they go along, also please use literate english and no sentances in CAPS, nobody appreciates it.


Excessive flaming is not tolerated. We realize that during a healthy debate, some flaming will inevitably occur - we do not mind this as long as it is kept to a minimum. Posts directed solely at flaming or insulting another member will be deleted.

Private Messages

If someone threatens or insults you via PM, please feel free to forward this to a member of staff and it will be taken care of.

Topic Subject Lines

Please make this descriptive of the topic you are posting about. General subject lines such as "Look at This" or "Amazing" are not appreciated, nor will they be well targeted. You will get a lot more views, and a lot more responses if your subject line accurately reflects your topic.

Other then that please have fun, this is forum belongs to everyone so keep it clean and respectful.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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