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Xbox live gamers SEXIST?

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Xbox live gamers SEXIST?

Post by CostlyRacer on Wed Nov 25, 2009 10:55 am

(Just a little something that has been bugging me for some time)
The answer is yes, there are more people then you may think that are sexist against girl gamers, i've played with girl gamers that can throwdown, im even in a relationship with one that can throwdown, the first thing that usually happens is they ask if they have a video camera..the ball starts rolling from there, this is a huge problem for me because this is not what XBL was intended for.

I know the difference between trash talk and offensive comments, the other day some 15 year old kid told me that my girlfriend was whore, this is not trash talk this is idiocy at its finest, he proceeded to talk about marcus fenix raping people, this is not what i consider proper conversation while playing horde but more to the point my gf is solicited these messages containing get naked for 1600ms points and she replies promptly with certain choice words and blocks all communication aswell as reports them and i agree to better the community, if you want boobs there are many sites that offer these services granted that you are old enough.

For all you girl gamers that feed into this, you're not helping the girl gamer reputation, i dont find it funny nor do i find it amusing, i do not add girls if they giggle constantly or cant throwdown, most girls run off to gamerchix's sanctuary beause they cant cope with playing with male players, they shouldnt have to run and seperate themselves from everybody else to play multiplayers, we're all gamers.

If you're sexist or looking to "chat" for microsoft points then you should not own an xbox 360, sell your xbox and burn your money and dont come back; Trash talk is fine in the right situation, but if you're working as a team then why are you trash talking your team mates, this concept does not make sense.

Just a few words from the wise, respect your fellow members, male or female it does not matter what sex they are, if you dont respect other players then why should they respect you? Idea

Let me know what you guys think.

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