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CostlyRacer is my name and i shoot shize for fame.

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CostlyRacer is my name and i shoot shize for fame.

Post by CostlyRacer on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:23 am

Well, i love tech stuff, i love modding to a point, i dont copy games nor do i condone it, i am fair and simple and love fast cars, i own a 1991 Eagle Talon with Transformer badges..it lives up to it. moved up to Port Angeles from the columbian gorge and so far im diggin it, my main focus in life is to surround myself in an awesome gaming culture and make a living at it, i strive for success and always keep going.

I am currently working on a modded xbox, i dont have a charger for my camera so no pics or videos yet but will soon post them up in the Project logs forum so keep an eye on that.

I built this forum to find people that have the same passion as i do, one that isnt driven by money or other people, they do it because they like to do it, the people that play GOW2 on horde for 12 hours because they enjoy it and it makes them happy and crates friendship and bonds online and offline.

I have an awesome girlfriend that i game with every night (ZombieShmombie) we hit up the Horde together, we're also a Duo Team for GoW2, have'nt figured out a name for the team but theres a few ideas floatin, any suggestion would be appreciated lol.

Also i will not let this forum die, there are so many 360 forums that had potential but the creator could not keep up with it, this is not the case for PugetSound360, this is only the beginning, expect many great things to come, Rumors, Game trailers and exclusive news, fear us as we're goin in with guns blazing!

Keep on moddin pirat


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