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CostlyRacer's Gears Case

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CostlyRacer's Gears Case

Post by CostlyRacer on Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:51 am

Here is my gears case, the other side looks the same, did this one awhile ago, my camera died while taking pics of it, but i have some new updates for it that i will post soon enough, LED's and lighting aswell as i may throw a unique window mod on it to showoff the guts!

Case with no system in it, currently it is in use, also painted the HDD to match, it was painted black seperatley and then sprayed with blood all together so the blood matched throughout the case, looks pretty sick IMO, but with WhisperMAX fans, Core Cooler V2's and a Nexilux LED lighting kit, should look BOSS as hell.

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