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$50 - 6 Used drifting DVD's work awesomely perfect.

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$50 - 6 Used drifting DVD's work awesomely perfect.

Post by CostlyRacer on Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:05 pm

Hi again came into a collection of used drifting dvd's
In awesome condition
Garunteed to play on any NTSC dvd player
The DVD's include the following:

1. Option Volume 1: 2004 D1GP Rd. 1
2. Drift Society - "Hired Gun"
3. 360VM Deleted scenes 4 (mature content)
4. Drifting 101 (Very well laid out DVD, teaches the basic quickly and as simply as possible)
5. NeedForSpeed FormulaD 2005 Championship reviews (Shows how the big boys throw down!)
6. Drift Society (my personal favorite not a tutorial just a random collection of dudes throwin down in japan)

I previewed these DVD individually and they're flawless
aswell as a blast to watch, i love drifting so this collection really amped me up for me.

i am offering them at a considerable discount, some of these you cant find anymore; Great for resale, i just like to sell what i have in bundles!

If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask ASAP!! I leave no one behind!

$50 bucks shipped free, i ship within 24hrs of received payment.


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